About RapidDeploy

RapidDeploy simplifies the complexity of emergency services dispatch, making a real and positive impact.

Since inception, RapidDeploy has dispatched thousands of incidents without a single minute of downtime, massively reducing response times and saving lives.

RapidDeploy does mission critical dispatch cheaper, faster and more reliably than anyone else. 

RapidDeploy uses leading technology to solve the key challenges faced by emergency service providers. This is based on practical experience in the field in South Africa.     

RapidDeploy is cloud-hosted and accessed from a web browser. There are no infrastructure costs for control room implementation


Why Rapid Deploy?

There is no risk of losing data, as the system backs up in real time

Automatic and free software updates and upgrades

Our system is agile and suitable to any environment, including rural call centres

Clearly defined user roles, each with their own tailored levels of reporting and access to information

As soon as an incident is reported, your dispatch will receive useful, intelligent prompts, capturing the incident. 

Built-in intelligence will allocate the nearest responder, knowing when to dispatch one individual or a group.


How it Works

Using the satellite navigation units or simply their smartphones, the responders will be automatically assigned and given all the information they need to get on site as quickly as possible. 

Traffic data is acquired from multiple sources and our routing software directs them the most efficient route.

Our mobile app allows responders to capture detailed patient and incident information at the scene and these real-time updates are sent to dispatch. 

Using this live information, dispatch directs the responders to closest and most relevant facility. 

Integrated navigation leads responders using the fastest routes available. 

Every action taken with RapidDeploy is stored and used to process billing and reporting. 

Greg Zackney